Postdoc life: programs for Postdoc and postdoc fellow vs. research associate

UVAs programs for Postdoc

It seems like UVA has several supporting programs for postdoc by The Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs. I searched for the orientation program and found they are providing the orientation monthly. For Fall 2015, it will be held in 9/24, 1015, and 12/10. Registration is required before attending the orientation (OT).

More information can be found here: including useful resources for postdoc. (They also have a section for international postdoc.) I am planning to attend September OT, register to the listserv, and attending Postdoc Lunch and Learn series, if it will be hosted this coming Fall, 2015. Currently, there is only information for Fall 2014.

Postdoctoral Fellow or Research Associate?

For me, it was useful to know the difference between postdoc fellow and postdoc research associate. According to the website, postdoc fellow is the one who is funded through external grant foundations, such as NSF or NIH. Postdoc research associate is the one who are affiliated with the university as employees. The source of funds can be the university or both university and external funding institution. As I am working on mainly for a NSF grant and probably for other grants as well, I am categorized as postdoctoral research associate.