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For Academic Writing: Writing for an academic journal: 10 tips

For Blogging: How to write a killer copy


So..I am in an academic field and to write and publish an academic paper is critical for us to develop our capabilities and career.  There are tons of books, information, advice regarding how to publish papers because our lives sometimes described as “publish or perish” lives.

Today, I am going to write down specific to-do-list based on what I learned from others’ advice.

1. define the purpose of publication.

  • Am I writing to make a difference or impact world? to develop a profile in our field?

2. Know colleagues or competitors and journals

  • Research other researchers in the field. where they have published recently?

3. Analyze structure and type of the paper and choose two role model papers and cite them.

4. Create very detailed outline starting with two sentences: an opening and an ending sentence

  • Use verbs that will define purpose of each section: to summarize, overview, critique, define, introduce, conclude, etc.

5. Set specific writing sub-goals before and after writing with asking one simple question for five minutes

  • Question: What have you done with this writing/publication and  what do you want to do in the long, mid, and short term ?
  • Before: not the deadline but like “my next writing goal is to (verb) summarize and critique twelve articles for the (section) literature review section in (length) 800 words on (when) Tuesday between (Time) 9am and 10:30”
  • After: On Thursday from 10 AM 11AM, I will draft the conclusion section in 500 words.”

6. Use collaborative writing

  • Having a writing buddy or a writing group is recommended when you are in a very busy life schedules. Block the Internet access and phone and just write.
  • Get feedback from 3-4 people from the outline to the end.