Coffee roasters in Athens and C’ville

I love coffee. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunate to my body), I am quite sensitive to caffeine and cannot drink more than one cup of coffee, about 12 oz.

Though I love the the aromas and the nutty, chocolaty, caramelly, earthy flavors in it. I love to drink a manual pour- over coffee, sometimes espresso drinks such as espresso machiatto or americano. And milk added espresso such as cappuccino and latte are in my list of favorites coffee drinks.

One of the reasons I enjoyed my life in Athens was because Athens has great coffee roasters and places. Jittery Joe’s coffee, 1000 faces coffees, and two story coffee are my favorites. Personally, I prefer 1000 faces coffees as their coffee has more subtle aromas and tastes than Jittery Joes. Sometime I enjoyed Jittery Joe’s coffee but only when I needed a very strong cup of coffee. Anyway, I would say that thanks to that two coffee roasters, I could enjoy my doctoral student years.

It’s been two months since I’ve moved in C’ville. And I’ve realized C’ville has great coffee roasters as well. I’ve tried Mili Joe’s, Shennadoah Joe’s, and greenberry’s. And so far, my favorite is Shennadoah Joe’s at Preston Avenue. A half of their store is a roasting place. They are roasting and packing a variety of beans there. Of course the store is full of coffee aromas all the time, and I love to seat there and sip a cup of fresh pour-over coffee.

Having a place, that makes me have some good relax and refresh, is always making my life more enjoyable.

2015-08-11 08.17.31
Shennadoah Joe’s at Preston Avenue, Charlottesville, VA