Ideas to replace everyday email phrases

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1. Hope you’re well
I hope this finds you in good spirits
I trust all is well with you
Hope all is fine

2. I’m just following up/touching base/checking in…
In my previous email I mentioned…
I’m getting in touch once more to…
I’d like to reach out again…

3. It’s great to hear from you
It’s a pleasure to hear from you
I’m pleased to receive your email
It’s nice to be in touch with you again

4. Please do not hesitate to contact me
Please be in touch if you need
You are more than welcome to call me
Feel free to connect at any time

5. Thanks for your reply
I appreciate you getting back to me
Many thanks for your speedy response
I’m grateful for your response

6. I look forward to your reply
I’ll be eagerly awaiting your reply
I fondly anticipate your feedback
I hope to hear from you soon
7. Regards
Until next time
My best to you
Take care



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In academics, we are writers.

I have been re-reading  a book, Becoming an academic writer by Patricia Goodson (2013). I read this book, (strictly to say, I skimmed through this book), during my PHD program as an assignment from one of the qualitative research methodology courses. We only had about 5 minutes discussion about this book every class, so when I was swamped with catching up all the reading materials, I skimmed this book, even though I thought this book would be very beneficial to read as a graduate student who was on the beginning stage of academia.

As a postdoc, numbers of works to be accomplished per day has been increased: writing a new grant proposal, managing projects, producing instructional materials, co-instructing a graduate class, design next semester’s class, and writing and revising manuscripts, and more.  Sometimes I found myself behind in writing manuscripts and that felt me very annoyed and frustrated and even depressed my everyday life. So, I picked up this book as a refresher for my writing habits. And so far, the book has helped me to reflect my (turns out to be) bad writing habits and excuse and provide some solutions.


My common excuse 1. Sometimes, I have a day or days without having writing time.

According to the author, this may cause because I don’t see myself as a writer.

However, for people in academics, we write for a living, whether we like it or not, whether we want to or not. And like gardening tools, which need to be constantly used to prevent deterioration or rust. We need to see ourselves as writers having writer attitudes, managing the contingencies, and practice for it. Because I am a professional writer.

My common excuse 2. I don’t have time to write today.

Low productivity and struggles with writing have to do with how academics view themselves and their work. If they do not see themselves as writers, their writing becomes relegated to whenever they have enough time. Enough time never happens spontaneously, so they seldom write.

Research examining productive faculty’s habits consistently points to scheduled and protected writing time as a key element for success.

The author mentioned that writing time is not to be found but to be created. None of us can ever find time because we look for extra time. But those extra time rarely can be found. We need to purposefully CREATE and PROTECT time to write.

She quotes,

“Prolific academics create writing time where none exists and then carefully protect it from intrusion (Johnson & Mullen (2007).”


To be continued…




Goodson, P. (2016). Becoming an academic writer: 50 exercises for paced, productive, and powerful writing. Sage Publications.

Johnson, W. B., & Mullen, C. A. (2007). Write to the top! How to become a prolific academic. New York: Palgrave McMillan.

having dreams vs. shortsighted desires

Some people believe that they have a dream and they are doing their best to make it happen. However, having dreams and having greed or desires is different.

A person, who has a dream (or dreams), keeps doing something new to improve present with passion to achieve a long-term goal. A person with a dream do not hesitate to expand knowledge, skills, or strategies with a variety of experiences. Even though the usefulness or the benefits of having new experiences are uncertain, people with a dream, invests their time and efforts on the present for the future. Because of the uncertainty, people with dreams keep exploring new things to know more. The more you know, the more you see.

However, a person, who believes that they have a dream but tends to wish to achieve  without investing much on the present, is who has greed and shortsighted desire. They tend to hesitate to explore new fields, skills, or strategies when the immediate benefit is uncertain. Because of the uncertainty, people who confuse desire with dream, limit the investment on the future captured by myopic view.

So,  what’s yours? dreams or just desires?


after heavy snow storm in C’ville

지난주 금요일 오후부터 토요일 오후 늦은 시간까지 한 번도 멈추지 않고 눈이 왔다. snow storm Jonas가 이름이었던 것 같은데, 이 지역에는 historically heavy snow가 내렸다. 인스타그램에 올린 사진처럼…내 차는 결국 흔적을 겨우 찾을 수 있을 만큼 눈에 파묻혔고….

어떤 사람들은 이쪽 지역이 눈이 많이 오는…우리나라로 치면 강원도 산간지방과 유사한 지형인줄 알던데..사실 주민들 말로는 Washington DC, VA area 모두 눈이 그리 많이 오지 않는 지역이라고 한다…biannual event 정도? (강원도 산간과 유사한 곳은 아마도  West VA인거 같고..) 그러다보니, (조지아보다는 훨씬 나았지만) 눈이 많이 왔을때 대처능력이 그리 좋지는 않았지만, 그렇다고 나쁘지도 않았던 것 같다.  뉴스나 아파트 리싱오피스에서 메일을 준대로…혹시나 눈때문에 무거워진 나무 가지가 부러져서 전기줄을 건드리게 되면 정전이 될지도 모른다는게 가장 큰 걱정이었지만..다행히 그런일은 없었다.

사실 나야 뭐 미팅은 conference call로 대체 가능하고, 출퇴근도 자유로운 직업이라 눈이 많이 와도 정전 이외에는 크게 문제될 것은 없었다. 게다가 사실 나는 “눈”오는걸 꽤 좋아한다…이렇게 신나게 눈 구경을 오래 잘 한것도 굉장히 오랜만인것 같다..한창 눈싸움을 하고, 눈사람을 만들고 할 시기였을 것 같은 초등학교 시절을 나는 열대지방 인도네시아에서 보냈다. 초등학교 입학전부터 5학년때까지 일년 내내 여름인 나라에 있다보니, 기억 속에 “눈”의 형체도 촉감도, (무슨 맛인지 몰랐지만 맛도..) 한국에 나오기 전까지는 알 수 없었고..그러다보니, 한국에 가고 싶은 가장 큰 이유 중에 하나가 눈을 보기 위해서였던 것 같다. 한 번은 아빠가 한국으로 출장을 가신다는데, 한국은 겨울이라길래 아빠에게 유리병에 눈을 담아와달라고 했던 기억이 있다. (받은 기억은 없다..) 그토록 눈이 궁금했던 시절이 있어서인지, 눈을 보는걸 좋아하는 것 같다.

쌓인 눈 때문에 밖에 나갈 수 없어서 거의 4일을 집에서 보냈는데도, 눈 구경하는 걸로만으로도 참 좋았던 것 같다. 잊고 있던…눈이 휘몰아 쳐서 창문에 부딪히는 소리도 듣고…타다다다다…내 발코니에 소복히 쌓인 모습도, 심지어 내 차를 다 가려버렸는데도, 그냥 좋았던 것 같다. 물론 난생 처음 해본 눈 삽질은 힘들었다…….왜 tedious and even ineffective and unsuccessful work를 했을 때 “삽질했다”는 표현을 쓰는지 체험한…3일간의 삽질…힘에 부쳐서 한 번에 40분도 못 하긴 했지만, 어쨌든 나도 내 차를 구출해야할거 같아서 아파트에서 빌려주는 삽으로 남들 하듯 나도 한건데…등, 어깨 팔 골고루 근육통이 장난이 아니다…보니깐 내 옆에 차 주인인 미국여자애들은 잘도 하던데…퍽 떠서 확 던지고…(역시 체력은 양키놈들을 이길 수 없다는 진리……그리고…문득 군대에 다녀온 내 남자사람 친구들에게 묘한 존경심…)

오늘은 폭설이 내린지 4일째 되는 날…낮에 영상으로 기온이 올라가서 드디어 내 차를 주차했던 곳에서 빼냈다. 차도는 웬만큼 다 정리가 된 것 같지만, 화단이나 놀이터, 인도는 모두 치워둔 눈으로 만들어진 작은 언덕들이 군데 군데…눈이 오면 도로가 지저분해지고, 눈이 처치 곤란 쓰레기가 되어서 싫다는 사람들도 있던데…난 힘든 삽질에도, 쌓인 더러워져가는 눈을 봐도…그냥 아직도 좋다. 난 아직 덜 당해본건가? ㅎㅎ

어쨌든 나에겐 좋았던게 더 많았던 폭설..

하얀 눈때문에 차가워진 날씨지만 포근함에…괜시리 더 자주 마신 핸드드립 커피, 그에 더해 웬지 모르게 땡긴 맥심모카 한 잔이 참 잘 어울렸던 4일. 내일부터는 back to normal…


What is collaborative research?

Collaborative research is doing a research with common research inquiries and putting equal amount of knowledge and efforts on the whole process of the research to create research synergies.

For  my opinion, I think for collaborative research, researchers should have gone through following process.

First, researchers should have common research inquiries. Not even research questions, but I think, especially in social science areas, there should be commonalities in questions about the phenomena or beliefs about the phenomena between researchers. And the implications of the study? The answer for the question, “Why do you want to study this topic/area?” should have matched to each other.

Second, once research inquiries are set up, researchers should establish research questions. Even researchers found some commonalities between their research inquiries, they might think different ways to explore the phenomena. “What exactly do you want to know among your inquiries?”

Third, think about the methodology for the study. How do researchers would like to explore the phenomena? Qualitatively or quantitatively or both? By answering this question, researchers may have more clear ideas about what they want to study. Or, they may find the gap between their purpose of the study. Once (still, potential, though) research questions established, research questions should be revised to accordance with methodology.

For researchers in social science areas, I believe writing an IRB helps to go through the three steps that I’ve introduced above. In the IRB application, research questions, methodologies, and implication (or possible risks that may derive from the study) should clearly stated. IRB asks detailed and clear ideas about the research plan: analysis plan, recruiting participants plan, how to ask their permissions to participate in the study, etc. So, writing up research design process will give researchers chances to have enough discussion about the research directions and plans.

If there is a researcher who wish to join after getting IRB or after other researchers already set-up the research design, the new researcher should have clear ideas why his or her research interests bring him/her to join the existing/ongoing research project. Without those concepts, I don’t think it is a collaborative research but social loafing behaviors.

Coffee roasters in Athens and C’ville

I love coffee. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunate to my body), I am quite sensitive to caffeine and cannot drink more than one cup of coffee, about 12 oz.

Though I love the the aromas and the nutty, chocolaty, caramelly, earthy flavors in it. I love to drink a manual pour- over coffee, sometimes espresso drinks such as espresso machiatto or americano. And milk added espresso such as cappuccino and latte are in my list of favorites coffee drinks.

One of the reasons I enjoyed my life in Athens was because Athens has great coffee roasters and places. Jittery Joe’s coffee, 1000 faces coffees, and two story coffee are my favorites. Personally, I prefer 1000 faces coffees as their coffee has more subtle aromas and tastes than Jittery Joes. Sometime I enjoyed Jittery Joe’s coffee but only when I needed a very strong cup of coffee. Anyway, I would say that thanks to that two coffee roasters, I could enjoy my doctoral student years.

It’s been two months since I’ve moved in C’ville. And I’ve realized C’ville has great coffee roasters as well. I’ve tried Mili Joe’s, Shennadoah Joe’s, and greenberry’s. And so far, my favorite is Shennadoah Joe’s at Preston Avenue. A half of their store is a roasting place. They are roasting and packing a variety of beans there. Of course the store is full of coffee aromas all the time, and I love to seat there and sip a cup of fresh pour-over coffee.

Having a place, that makes me have some good relax and refresh, is always making my life more enjoyable.

2015-08-11 08.17.31
Shennadoah Joe’s at Preston Avenue, Charlottesville, VA

exhusting day

오늘은 아침부터 늦은 저녁까지 하루종일 지친하루였다. 푹 잔거 같긴 한데, 개운하진 않았고..무슨 꿈을 (분명 개꿈 같은..) 꾸다가 이게 무슨소리지? 하며 깼는데 그게 알람소리였고…꾸욱 누르고 다시 잤다가 눈을 떴는데, 알람을 끄고 한 30분을 너무 꿀잠을 자서 내가 왜 침대에 누워있지..오늘 할일이 뭐지?? 하며 헐레벌떡 일어나서…별로 달갑지 않은 콜레버레이터의 이메일을 보고 기분이 나빠지고, 그걸 열어보고서는 더 기분이 나빠지고….기분이 덜 나빠질까 싶어서 얼른 아침먹고 잠깐 그 일을 들여다봤다가..괜히 필라테스나 5분 늦고…

오늘이 4번째 그룹 필라테스 수업이었는데, 이제껏 중에 근육 피로도가 웬지 좀 높아서…동작할때마다 기분좋음보다는 살짝 힘들다는 생각이 좀 들었다. 그러다보니 보통은 끝나고 항상 아침을 일찍 잘 시작했다는 뿌듯함..아침에 필라테스로 내 몸의 비뚤어진 부분을 교정해서 자세도 몸도 가벼워진 그런 기분이 들었는데..오늘은 노노…대신에 무슨 생각을 했더라? ….’아..끝났다..바로 가서 아까 하던 일 마저 보고, 오늘 회의가 두 개니깐 준비해야겠다….휴우…’

오전 8시 15-9시 15분 필라테스, 커피샵에서  pour over coffee 라지로 시켜서 마시며 아침부터 내 심기를 건드렸던 그 문서를 들여다보다가, 11시부터 1시까지 프로젝트 1차 미팅..2시-5시 미팅 전에 얼른 학교안에 유일하게 문열고 있는 베이글 가게에서 베이글 하나 먹고.. 집에왔다…저녁먹고 작은 하이네켄 하나 마시고…흠..그래도 뭔가 찝찝하고 기분 안 좋고…

오늘처럼 아침일찍 하루를 시작하고 사실 꽤나 알차게 보냈는데, 이렇게 찝찝하고 기분 안 좋음은 뭔지….할일이 너무 많아서인건지…별로 같이 일 하고 싶지 않은 컬레버레이터와의 업무 때문인건지. ..저녁 10시까지도 그렇게 기분이 다운이다가…잠시 열어본 발코니 창문….늦여름 시원한 산바람… 큰 타월 들고 나와서 돗자리에 깔고 드러누워보니…이것이 지상낙원…..풀벌레 소리…(물론 에어컨 실외기 소리도 함께 였지만…) 한 30분…누워 멍하니 있으니…힐링이 되는 기분이랄까…밖은 깜깜해서…내가 발코니에 드러누워있는지 뭐하는지 밖에서 보일리가 없고…그렇게 누워서…오늘 내가 왜 이렇게 지쳤는지 곰곰히 생각해보다보니…조금씩 기분이 좋아진것 같다..물론 아직 정확한 이유는 모르겠지만…그냥 잠깐동안 혼자 가진 이 시간이 참 좋았다..오늘 하루종일 쳐진 기분을 스을쩍 올려준 느낌…이런 발코니를 가지고 있어서 참 좋구나…

내일부터는..또 다시 기분좋은 하루를 보낼 수 있길…

2015-07-26 12.49.45