Ideas to replace everyday email phrases

Note: The contents below is copied from the following blog:

1. Hope you’re well
I hope this finds you in good spirits
I trust all is well with you
Hope all is fine

2. I’m just following up/touching base/checking in…
In my previous email I mentioned…
I’m getting in touch once more to…
I’d like to reach out again…

3. It’s great to hear from you
It’s a pleasure to hear from you
I’m pleased to receive your email
It’s nice to be in touch with you again

4. Please do not hesitate to contact me
Please be in touch if you need
You are more than welcome to call me
Feel free to connect at any time

5. Thanks for your reply
I appreciate you getting back to me
Many thanks for your speedy response
I’m grateful for your response

6. I look forward to your reply
I’ll be eagerly awaiting your reply
I fondly anticipate your feedback
I hope to hear from you soon
7. Regards
Until next time
My best to you
Take care



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