Phenomenology in Ed Tech: theoretical background

I took four days of workshop by Dr. Mark D. Vagle, provided by College of Education, University of Georgia.

While taking four days of workshop about phenomenology, I have thought about using phenomenology in educational technology field. How may I be able to use phenomenological perspective or methodology for my future study? What will be my theoretical framework when using phenomenology? Phenomenology seems like a good entrance of qualitative research methodology (whether taking phenomenological methods or not).

Philosophically from Husserl’s descriptive phenomenology and using Giorgi’s phenomenological methodology? or Heidagger’s interpretive phenomenology and using van Menan’s methodology? or post-intentional phenomenology?

Here is my summary table about different perspectives about phenomenology. (We’ve learned about phenomenology with Mark’s book, Crafting Phenomenologica Research (2014), so the page numbers in the table indicated the book.)

  • Approaches: Intentional vs. post-intentional: these are not a sedentary one, all of these trends still have been in developing. Also, there are lots of fluidity within different philosophies. Though, philosophy and methodology needs coherence.* epistemology: what constitutes knowledge and how can we obtain it?, ontology: what constitutes reality and how can we understand existence?
Categories Intentional I

(book, p.31, F 2.1)

Intentional II

(book, p.31, F 2.2)

Post Intentional

(p.32, Figure 2.3)

Philosophy Husserl Heidegger Ihde (aidi),  Deleuze
transcendental hermeneutics partial
bracketing (reduction) bridling post-reflexion
focused on the thing itself multivocal (multivocality): meanings are multiple/circulating through different modes, meanings are entangled
Methodology descriptive phenomenology interpretive, reflexivity post-intentional (intention is moving, everything is connected)
Goal/results of analysis (phenomenology is creating) invariant structures, there are particulars in the phenomena, Finding “essence” theme understanding tentative manifestation about the phenomena, different forms of data (music, poetry, images)
Methodologist Giorgi van Manen (Vagle)
Beliefs 1 epistemological* ontological: “being” to  ”becoming” “becoming” and “AND”
Beliefs 2 of-ness /Subject influences Object in-ness: I’m in something, find me in the environment through-ness
Reporting data reporting essence, structure/constituents/particulars, re-situated in literature Greenwalt, K. A. (2008). Through the camera’s eye: A phenomenological analysis of teacher subjectivity. Teaching and Teacher Education, 24(2), 387–399. n/a

As a ed techer, using different types of visualizing tools/methodologies will be very helpful to situate myself into phenomenology.



Mark D. Vagle. (2014). Crafting Phenomenological Research. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.

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